Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Einstein Didn't Talk Until 3!"

Yeah, well, super.

Einstein was probably autistic.

To be fair, so were Thomas Jefferson, Isaac Newton, and Nikola Tesla, maybe.

It's still a stupid thing to say to the parent of a late-talker, and here are some reasons why:

1) I love my kid. I think she's super bright. She's no Einstein, though. I mean. Seriously. Einstein. Do you have any idea how smart he was? Like, you're not smart enough to even know the word for how smart he was. *I* can't even *spell* Einstein right without spellcheck, and I'm really smart.

2) Einstein *totally* talked before he was 3. He was a good student who did well in school. When he was 12 he read physics books, and at 13 he favored Kant.

So, please, never tell a concerned parent, "Oh, don't worry. Einstein didn't talk until he was 3, and look how well he turned out!" Because it's mean and it's dismissive and because it's not even true.

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