Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mmmm, birthday!

This past week has been wonderful. I took the advice of many, many people, and just enjoyed my kids. 

Sunshine had her 2nd birthday. She had a little party and got some terrific presents. She learned that "birthday" and "cake" are words that go together, but, since she hasn't learned that yesterday is not today is not tomorrow, she's convinced it's still her birthday and, as such, she should be receiving cake. Too bad for her, though! She's been wandering around since Monday saying, "mmmmm, birthday!" That sums up the event, really. Mmmm!

We also went to a friend's house over the weekend where I'm sure I was thought to be the epitome of the helicopter mother, but, guess what? If she can see it, she'll touch it. If she touches it, she must hold it. And if she holds it, odds are it'll get dropped. I guess I could "free-range" parent her all day, but you'd probably not invite us to your home again, at least not until the insurance check clears!

I'd like to say that I've been able to turn off the over-analytical part of my brain, but it's not the case. Yeah, while watching her at the train table with an almost-3-year-old and a 6-year-old, I'd think, "She's parallel playing! Hooray!" and while watching her circle the room aimlessly I'd think, "Sigh. She's distancing herself again." BUT. But I was able to let those thoughts enter and leave so I could just enjoy her enjoying the world.

She's rather upset that there are presents about the house that she is not entitled to have, but, tough luck, kid. Thems the breaks.

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